Daily Archives: December 7, 2013

A little chill in the air

Today was sunny but chilly. Very nice in sun and a little chilly in the shade so a light jacket was in order. I went to the swap meet early this morning then went to town and had breakfast with the “Breakfast Club” some nice conversation was enjoyed then I went to the new bakery in town to buy some raisin bread. I got to use some of my Spanish when a gentleman came into the bakery and didn’t have any english. I felt that I communicated fairly well for the limited time and subject matter.

When I got home I visited with my neighbor for a while and got my puppy fix with their two cocker spaniels. Their dogs have taken to me and love to be cuddled and be petted while in my lap. Later I went with my neighbors John and Diana to our Cantina here at Pete’s Camp for dinner I had a taco salad that was delicious. I took a couple of photos of the Cantina as it was decorated for the holidays and looked quite cheery. We are very lucky to have our own restaurant and bar here at Pete’s Camp it makes it very convenient for going to dinner and drinks without going to town and driving in the dark to get home. Driving in the dark in Mexico, even here in San Felipe, is not recommended.

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