Getting ready to return to S.F.

I have been up north for far too long. I have been here since just before christmas visiting with family and sprucing up my house in Vail AZ.

I didn’t feel well last weekend; pressure in the chest pain in the left arm, it got my attention when my usual medications didn’t work. I checked in to Tucson Medical Center to get checked out. Turns out after an overnight stay, I’m okay just one of those things when the symptoms don’t add up to a serious condition.

I’m packing up for return to San Felipe. Today I took my RV over to the tire store to have the tires checked for leaks as I’ve had to put air in them several times. A good thing I did because the rig had two tire valve extenders leaking. That situation has been solved. Now to load it up with my clothes and other stuff, top off the tank and head home to San Felipe. The plan is to leave here Sunday morning heading for Calexico CA, remain over night in El Centro then cross the border Monday and be in my little house Monday evening. I always get a little stressed when traveling these days. So many things can go wrong yet so far, touch wood, nothing has gone seriously wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Getting ready to return to S.F.

  1. I know you love your home in S.F. but you will be missed when you leave.

  2. Karen Davis

    Welcome home. Hope you are feeling OK.  My friend Betty will be calling you about your  little tow vehicle sometime this week  I think it  is just what she is looking for. Anyway good to have you home.  Kren

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