Daily Archives: February 21, 2014

Almost a lovely day

Started with a lovely walk this morning. No more ditch in my street and the street looks much wider than before. I’m sure it is just my imagination. I had a nice walk down to the beach and back to the house meeting several nice people on the way. My next stop after the walk was to town for my breakfast club meeting; lots of chatter with nice folks who have a peculiar sense of humor like my own. After the meeting broke up I went shopping and came home.

Later I thought it was time to move my RV back to my house, it has been parked over at the garage here at Pete’s camp. I went to start it and it wouldn’t start not even with a jump from one of those battery jumper things. I called my mechanic, ya I have a mechanic, and as it isn’t an emergency he’ll come over Monday sometime and get it started for me. The RV probably needs a new battery or some other gizmo to get it started.

Later I dropped in on my neighbors across the street to coordinate the Saturday events as there is a Cancer Walk in the morning and I wanted to be at the finnish line and then have a drinks and tacos at a local restaurant. Then we all went to another neighbor’s house for drinks and more chit-chat. Then I came home to watch TV and mess around on the computer will eating dinner.

And so goes my day, not bad EH?


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