Big Do’ Ins

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAFirst the house project is coming along very well there is a roof on the room extension and it looks nice.

The Cowpatty Opening was fun too;


I went to the annual reopening of a Bar/Restaurant called Cowpatty’s it is located out of town by about 36 kilometers on a road with a lot of dips. This is a very well know place and lots of people go there for food and fun.

The REALLY BIG news is that Mexican Immigration showed up in our neighborhood tonight asking for our immigration documents. There at the house behind me, where no one was at home and they saw me and wanted me to open my neighbor’s gate. I told them to come around and prove that they were legit. Well they did and my other neighbor didn’t believe them because they had new and different colored uniforms on and she was upset and gave them a hard time till they were proved to be the real deal.

We know some people don’t have documents permitting them to be in Mexico and once the word is out they will be either getting their documents or making other arrangements. This made for an interesting night.

Here the photos of the house and Cowpatty’s;

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4 thoughts on “Big Do’ Ins

  1. How do you think the same type of thing would go over in the States??? Door to door asking all Mexicans to show papers??? Hmmmm….

    • The same as here lots of people would be upset. The immigration folks are still around I expect to see them tomorrow at the swap meet. There are a lot of venders there selling stuff and this is a business and to do business you have to have a special addition to your Mexican Visa. They know this stuff they are to lazy to go and get the documents-this is not new stuff. I, of course, have my visa in order as do a lot of people who live here most of the year. There is always someone who skims the rules and then squawks when they are caught. In this case if you are caught you just have to go get your visa so when they catch you again you’re legal.
      We both know of cases when US immigration hits businesses and close them down for hiring undocumented workers like that place that has the giant burritos they paid a huge fine and most of the workers were deported. It is just the way the world is these days, at least there is no artillery shells landing in each others country like in Turkey and Iraq.

  2. Oh… the room is looking nice, be very good for having friends over when done.. Have fun..

  3. Good progress on the new room.

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