Settling In

I had lunch with my Mexican family and they are delightful Edith (Eee Deeth) is my house Mother she has a daughter who still lives at home who is fluent in English. The daughter is a very smart University student with a double major of Engineering and some other science course. She has already been to many places with her studies such as Prague, Seattle, San Diego and other cities, makes me feel like a donkey. However, she is so nice it doesn’t matter. Mother is a sweetie too, very animated and has some command of english that helps us both in conversation. At lunch we talked about San Felipe vs Ensenada; she said she wouldn’t like San Felipe as it was too hot and too small she likes Ensenada but lately it has been getting hotter longer. We spoke in both english and spanish I got most of the conversation while in spanish got lost a few times. ย The water situation is critical here, there is a water shortage as they share the same weather patterns with San Diego and there just hasn’t been enough rain. Therefor the water pressure is low they have had to add a tinico (tank) to the roof of the house to hold water so most of the house is gravity fed water and it takes a long time to fill the tank, makes for interesting times. I took a siesta after lunch which was at two in the afternoon. I slept well after a long ride it was welcome rest for my back which still gives me pain if I sit to long, stand to long or lay down to long. I was awakened by someone practicing his tuba then the whole band started up and they have been at it for a while now. I don’t need to play music on my computer I have a live band right in the neighborhood ๐Ÿ˜€ I love Mexico-it is life in your face, no holds barred ๐Ÿ˜€

Report of the first class meeting; there is only one other student in my group so the two of us and the teacher a lady named Edit the same as my house-mother. The teacher is very patient with us and is exploring how much Spanish we know and where our weaknesses are. There is no time to-day dream you’re in the spotlight too much to get away with that sort of thing. The subjects covered today were the verbs to be in Spanish which are Estar which is for location, condition temporary position and Ser which is for expressing time, possession, relationship,place of origin, religion, politics, what things are made of and on and on. Lots of new words today all nouns. My head is swimming with new words. Instruction comes fast when there are on two students. I am tired, but absolutely delighted to be learning Spanish for real not just out of books and tapes. I will see what tomorrow brings because just like the old days I have homework to do :-). I hope I am not repeating myself here if I am forgive me, my head is full now.

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2 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Sounds like you will be busy, but take time to have fun..

    • The weekend I will have a little homework but I’ll have time to explore. In my own way I’m having fun now ๐Ÿ™‚

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