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Day 5

After yesterday’s health issues I needed a shower and a good meal when I got to the house the lunch which is at 3pm was waiting some veggies and piece of meat that was cooked dry and tough I managed to cut it into small pieces so I could chew it and get it down. I asked about taking a shower and the lady told me in spanish and english that the water pressure was to low at this time of day and that there wouldn’t be much hot water. I let the issue go for a while but later on at 8pm when we have what is called a light supper which consisted of crackers chips some sort of cheese mix and spoonful of beans I asked again about a shower and she said I could use the shower in the laundry room that it might be a little warm if I used just the hot water.

After the “Dinner” and I use the term very loosely, I got my shower stuff and went to take a shower and she was right the water was cold and there was no pressure. I did the best I could and washed up. I was drying myself off and noticed the water heater above the clothes washer and the heating dial was set on the lowest setting possible there is now way there ever would be hot water.

This afternoon I arrived and found that lunch which is supposed to be the main meal of the day was going to be rice and beans! If this is the main meal I’m more than disappointed in these arrangements. I’m talking to the coordinator first by text then in person on Monday in the mean time I’ll eat at a restaurant.

As for class I’m disappointed in myself as I didn’t feel I did as well as I should be able to at this stage and that has left me frustrated. I don’t seem to always understand the instructions and make way to many errors to make me satisfied with my performance. I will soldier on and see how far I can get then evaluate the situation for now I’ not pleased.

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Day 3,4

Well tomorrow came and I was suffering from constipation totally distracted. Even so I stuck it out for most of the day. I left class early because I had so much discomfort. Talking with the lady that owns the house I’m staying at I took her advice and went to the local pharmacy that had a doctor and got a visit and prescription to unblock the blockage and ……….DRUM ROLL  PLEASE…… the cost was less than forty pesos …. FORTY PESOS! Or less than FOUR DOLLARS!!!! Two hours later  I’m a happy old lady totally unblocked ! What a relief it is ! Now I hope the process started stops in time for school tomorrow.

Well the process slowed I thought it had stopped put later on in the morning it started up again and I was doing the quick step to the bathroom every hour for most of the day; interfering with my class time. I wasn’t happy about that-then it was over done I’m fine now. As for the class somehow with all the exercises and discussing the lessons it seems we are more and more using Spanish. I realized that at the end of today’s class. Slowly and persistently the teacher is leading us to use what Spanish were have just learned and that pleases the heck out of me. I have surprised myself with how many words I now know and I hope I don’t forget the use of them especially the verbs! Verbs are so important and in Spanish do so much. I’m not confident in their use-far from it but I’ll bet better one day!

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Day 2

Today was day 2, we went over the homework (tarea) and worked with some verbs at least the regular verbs in the present tense. Learning how to use the verbs is interesting as one has to pay attention very carefully to get things correct in sentence. There is no hiding here every other question is for me and I have to pay attention and not drift off. If I weren’t having so much fun this would be work and or frustration. I feel, rightly or wrongly, that I’m learning a lot. I’m lucky the chair I’m using is just right for my back and I only have a little pain.

Tonight I have 15 new words to find the meaning of and use in a sentence plus review yesterdays corrected homework. Tomorrow we start in on irregular verbs and the past tense. I am going to try to review the past tense this evening to prepare for class tomorrow.


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