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Almost done

I thought I was smart but trying to learn a new language is making me feel less so. I’ve found one concept “Reflexive Verbs” that I have a hard time getting my head around. English doesn’t have them Spanish does and it is a component of the language that to speak it well one has to master. I wasn’t getting the idea and the times I tried writing it out I got the thing wrong. Tonight when I got back to the house I sat down with my computer and went to YouTube and sure enough there were several YouTube videos on Spanish Reflexive verbs I watched a couple of them and got a bit better idea of how to use them, at least at the simplest level. So I wrote out the verb conjugations for four of them and then tried writing short sentences with the reflexive verbs. I’ll go over this with my teacher in the morning and see if I am on the right path.

We wrote out sentences today describing what some people were doing in some drawings I seemed to have that idea okay, even though in Spanish I make spelling mistakes. I need spell check in Spanish. One of our class discussions today was on regional differences in pronunciation of Spanish. My teacher could tell I had learned a lot of my spanish in Baja and Sonora by the way I used the ch letters didn’t know I had a regional accent ! Can’t speak Spanish well but I have regional accent ….go figure.

I took some photos of where we have class so I’m posting those today. The photos are the interior of the cultural center this where the classes are held. Tomorrow is my last day here, Saturday I drive back to San Felipe, it will be good to be back home and visiting friends.


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