Daily Archives: August 26, 2015

It Is Watering Day

I always water everything on Wednesday and Sunday. So, today being Wednesday I am watering my garden. I was on the roof watering the plants there and took some photos of the sun coming up out of the Sea of Cortez around 5:45 am. I could hear the gulls on the beach sounds like the fishing is good.

I pruned the mesquite tree closest to the house as some of the branches were hanging down and touching my head and others were rubbing against on another, which is not a good thing. Pruning seems to stimulate growth; at least I hope it does.

Here are some photos of the sunrise this morning, most mornings the sunrise is beautiful today there are clouds because it is monsoon season in Mexico across the Sea of Cortez and like yesterday and last night we got a shower which is nice but does little for my plants and trees.



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