Been quiet lately here’s why

I haven’t posted lately because I have been involved in a project in the US. I own a home in Arizona on the border of Tucson. It is a double wide manufactured home on an acre. I bought this home through HUD, and it was a wreck. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars repairing and updating the home. Recently I spent three weeks completing some projects there to make the home more attractive to buyers. Yes, after all the work and investment I’m selling the home. I contracted with an agent and it went on the market. After a very few days I had an offer and accepted the offer. Since then the emails have been flying back and forth and I expect that will continue until the sale closes. The “Fly In The Ointment” is the buyer needs to qualify for a program that assists first time buyers with a down payment. This of course means that both the buyer and the house have to meet certain specific requirements and some are time sensitive. Fortunately I have an experienced Real Estate Agent and he is keeping things on track. I am apprehensive about the process under this program as now there is another entity involved in the sale and they don’t bargain. We shall see how all this works out, my feeling is that I will end up spending more money somehow for someone to buy my house.

The question arises :why sell the house after all the work that has gone into it? The house sits vacant most of the time while I’m in Mexico and that is not a good thing to do in a rural area sooner or later something going to happen that will not be pleasant and cost me more money. I also keep paying utilities and taxes. I don’t plan to live there I plan to live in Mexico, if able, for the rest of my life. I will be a legal Permanent Resident of Mexico soon similar to a Green Card holder in the US. I have a nice small home in Mexico with most of the services I need and many I want. Life is good for me in Mexico why have the responsibilities and expenses of keeping up a house in the US?

When this house sells I’ll post again as to how it all went and how I felt about it.



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