The Permanent Visa Application Process

I will have been in Mexico for four years very soon and I have a “Temporary Resident” visa that is running out. That means I have to apply for a “Permanent Resident Visa”. I went back to the office of that I got my temp. visa and they started the process, then we got to the cost. The price I was quoted seemed excessive to me so I talked to some other expats and also went to another office that helps apply for visas with Mexican Immigration. At this other office I was quoted a different and lower price and clearer explanation of what this price included and who got the money. I will be going with this office instead of the first as they seem to have a good reputation with other expats.

I have to wait for a few days to start my visa process as I need to present my Temporary Resident Visa at IMSS to complete that process. I will post again when I have completed the application for my Permanent Resident Visa.

I know all this sounds complicated and to some degree dealing with any country’s different departments is complicated until you get to know the requirements and who to get help from, then it’s a piece of cake.

It doesn’t help that the rules change every once in a while and that you get different stories from officials and persons who are helping you.

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2 thoughts on “The Permanent Visa Application Process

  1. Barbara Lane

    Oy vey. It does sound complicated – I’ll be doing this soon too. And as many years as I’ve researched the in’s and out’s of applying/what documents/income/how many copies/etc. are needed it seems I really know nothing much because as you say – it all keeps changing. I just tell myself thousands do it and I will too. Kind of daunting though when you’re just starting out.

    • Yes, it appears like a huge mystery, but it really isn’t there are folks who can help you navigate the system and get what you want. It takes patience and persistence to get what you want and research. It is doable very doable. Just remain flexible and trudge on šŸ™‚

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