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Travel Plans in the works

I have a house (double-wide) in Arizona that I am selling and after much to and fro the deal appears to be coming to a climax with signing of papers on or about 10 Dec 15. That means a trip to the “Old Country” I have to be present at the signing with ID in hand. Very old-fashioned and anal if you ask me, but we must comply to keep officialdom happy and close the sale.

I have been considering selling the house I have and buying another house. If I like it here why would I do that? The first reason or excuse, take your pick, is that I am by habit a vagabond moving from place to place never staying more than three years and often much less than that. I have been in this house for four years so I’m past my due date to move on. The second excuse is a bit more of a feeling than a reason (excuse); when I first moved here there were several other vacant lots adjacent to this lot which gave me the feeling of separateness and still a feeling of being in the social network. Now all the lots adjacent to mine are occupied mostly by nice people and some who I cherish their friendship. One more thing I find hard for me to get used to is paying a lease and HOA fee every year which tells me I don’t own this place I’m a renter. I know this sounds odd but when I look out my kitchen window directly into someone’s lot I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling I get anxious. I feel surrounded and hemmed in like a bird in a cage. I am not comfortable with neighbors so close. I have owned property with some land to it(10-22 acres) and liked it that way. I like people, just not so close.

So I’ve been doing a local search of properties to see if something else might fit my idiosyncrasies better and haven’t come up with much. I did find one property that is interesting oddly enough to get me to take a second look, it is a house made of stone and here are some photos;

Roof garden or lookout Stairs to roof garden Livingroom & Fireplace Kitchen House front inside of front gate Front Door

Livingroom & Fireplace inside of front gate Bedroom & walk in closet

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