Travel Plans in the works

I have a house (double-wide) in Arizona that I am selling and after much to and fro the deal appears to be coming to a climax with signing of papers on or about 10 Dec 15. That means a trip to the “Old Country” I have to be present at the signing with ID in hand. Very old-fashioned and anal if you ask me, but we must comply to keep officialdom happy and close the sale.

I have been considering selling the house I have and buying another house. If I like it here why would I do that? The first reason or excuse, take your pick, is that I am by habit a vagabond moving from place to place never staying more than three years and often much less than that. I have been in this house for four years so I’m past my due date to move on. The second excuse is a bit more of a feeling than a reason (excuse); when I first moved here there were several other vacant lots adjacent to this lot which gave me the feeling of separateness and still a feeling of being in the social network. Now all the lots adjacent to mine are occupied mostly by nice people and some who I cherish their friendship. One more thing I find hard for me to get used to is paying a lease and HOA fee every year which tells me I don’t own this place I’m a renter. I know this sounds odd but when I look out my kitchen window directly into someone’s lot I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling I get anxious. I feel surrounded and hemmed in like a bird in a cage. I am not comfortable with neighbors so close. I have owned property with some land to it(10-22 acres) and liked it that way. I like people, just not so close.

So I’ve been doing a local search of properties to see if something else might fit my idiosyncrasies better and haven’t come up with much. I did find one property that is interesting oddly enough to get me to take a second look, it is a house made of stone and here are some photos;

Roof garden or lookout Stairs to roof garden Livingroom & Fireplace Kitchen House front inside of front gate Front Door

Livingroom & Fireplace inside of front gate Bedroom & walk in closet

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4 thoughts on “Travel Plans in the works

  1. Barbara

    I understand totally re having people so close. I’ve never been able to comfortably live in the usual “neighborhoods”. They make me shudder. Doesn’t matter how wonderful the neighbors are. Like you, I want and need some distance. When I had to live in an apartment it was a tremendous adjustment knowing someone was about 8″ away on the other side of the wall sitting on their sofa when I was sitting on mine. To me that’s just wrong some how.

    Meanwhile I LOVE this stone house! I’m not fond of the top stone part of the fireplace, but other than that I think it’s wonderful. It’s probably good I don’t have the money to buy in Mexico or I’d want to keep moving around too.

    I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all selling your house there if you decide to – it’s gorgeous. I’m having fun vicariously just reading about your house adventures! : )

    • It is nice to know someone else has similar feelings about distance from neighbors thing. I know some will be offended … oh well. Hopefully we both will find our happy place!

  2. I think I can say I understand the “gypsy ” mind set. It is what keeps my from living in a city again. On the other hand I can totally see you living in the house of stone, it fits you well. The yard looks wonderful and the tile on the floor looks great, not sure about the fireplace. After all is said and done it is how you feel that is important. It is your life and no one else so do what makes you happy.

    • Thank you for the lovely comment I haven’t bought the stone house yet just giving it serious thought!

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