Arizona Trip

I left San Felipe about 7:30 in the morning Tuesday and got to central Tucson by 4:30 just in time for the commuter rush. I wanted a cheap motel to stay at and picked Day’s Inn. The place has seen better days a long time ago. I won’t stay there again. I’ll get another room for tonight in some other hopefully nicer motel.

I got on-line this am and got the utilities turned off as of the 14th of December. I still have to get the water turned off. I got the insurance for the house stopped for the same date. Then a visit to the title company, where I was a total surprise to the lady doing the closing as she hasn’t received the documents from the mortgage company or the agency helping the seller buy the house. We had a talk and the only thing I had to sign in person was the deed. The rest can be emailed to me so I can sign and return to her. I just thought of something I hope my printer works :-/

I also found that I had to set up a wire transfer with my bank so I can get the money sent to my account and it has to be a wire transfer. So, off to the bank I went and hopefully this has gone through without any problems.

Then I realized I had to pay for some work on the house and had not written down their name and address so here I am at Starbucks using their  WIFI to find the address thank goodness for Starbucks. I also am having lunch here. I got out of truck just two doors down from Starbucks and a young man with an old lady in tow hit me up for lunch and being the soft touch I am bought them lunch the said they were waiting to get into a shelter. If true, what a bummer to be homeless and old having no place to live and begging for money from strangers. Ya, I’m a softy !

I had to get some parts for my truck it seems my front end is worn to badly to keep it in alignment so I have a shopping list from my mechanic. I was expecting a higher bill than I got so I’m happy. I also did some shopping at Walgreens they have the most amazing stuff from time to time I just love wandering through the store and looking at all the new things for sale.

I left Tucson yesterday morning and after what seemed like the most boring ride I arrived in El Centro around 3:30 PM. I checked into my motel another older establishment that needs work. The price is right and they know me there and will accept packages for me. I checked the room out and as expected it wasn’t spectacular but clean. I then went to Wal-Mart; the place looked like it had been stirred with an oar! I had my list and did my best to get everything but I ran out of energy and checked out. I then went to Sizzler for dinner where I almost lost my debit card. A nice young lady who worked there brought it to me and when I left I gave her a tip. I don’t think she gets many tips there.

The following morning I went to breakfast and who should be there but my next-door neighbors and their daughter so we had breakfast together. Later I ran into them several times at Wal-Mart as I finished my shopping. The border crossing was uneventful and the drive to San Felipe was very routine; not complaining mind you !  It was wonderful to be home at last and to be welcomed by my neighbors it always catches me by surprise when I’m missed. Why it is a surprise is a long story left to another blog sometime.

I caught up on my email and the house in Tucson should close monday maybe Tuesday as long as it does close and I can put this episode behind me and get on with my real life 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Arizona Trip

  1. Always nice to hear you are happy in Mexico.

    • These have been some very good years I know it all could end in a flash so I’m enjoying every minute.

  2. Hope the real estate closing goes smoothly. I’ve never had trouble with one of these, but I know you have done many more than I.

    Good idea to buy that couple lunch rather than give them cash. Giving money to panhandlers often goes right to their addictions, not helping them just perpetuating their problems.

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