I’m Cold tengo frio :-(

The past week it has been cold here, at least by our standards, the temperature is in the sixties during the day and low fifties during the early morning and a few night lower into the forties, yikes that is cold for here. I have found that I need to dress in layers to be comfortable. I worry about my flowers but they seem to be doing okay so far.

Morning breakfast club has seen a drop in attendance because several members are out of town to visit family or to do some shopping in the “Old Country”. I don’t like crowds so I’ll put off my shopping till after the holidays.

I did get some needed work on my truck done. The truck was wearing out tires on the front at an alarming rate and after visiting the local Alignment shop I was given a list of parts to get while in the “Old Country” and now they are installed on the Green Beast. I have noticed a difference in how the truck feels driving on the highway. It seems to be more stable not wandering on the road. I just hope that the tire problem is cured. While it was in the shop the brake pads were changed as they were very low. I feel better that all this work has been done. I am keeping a watchful eye out for a car with Mexican plates to replace the truck with. I am going to be a permanent resident of Mexico in a month and the law states I can’t legally drive a foreign plated car. That law isn’t enforced here very strongly as there are to many foreigners driving around, but at the border when they check your visa, things could get dicey with Mexican Customs and I don’t need that aggravation.

I am glad I have the fireplace on these cold nights it may not give out a lot of heat but the fire its self gives the living room a cheery feel to it. I also have a portable heater to help keep temps reasonable as well as electric heat for those rooms that need a bit more heat like the bedroom. I also have an electric blanket and that keeps me warm too. I also have a portable electric heater in the bathroom that I turn on and heat that room before taking a shower, with the hot water and the heater it gets nice and warm in there.

I have been looking at other homes here in town and so far haven’t found anything that makes my heart go pitter-patter. I’ll keep looking as the homes for sale come and go.


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