01 Feb 2016 Constitution Day

This morning I had a little breakfast with some of the folks staying here there was a wonderful couple from the Netherlands and a young man from France. Great conversation about their travels they are going to some place more south today and left just after breakfast.

Today was a national holiday in Mexico so there was no school. I made the best of it by walking to the school to see how long it takes so I know when to leave the hotel tomorrow morning. The walk is supposed to take nine minutes, it is seven blocks from the hotel; nine minutes-that’s if you are very spry, I’m not, I’ll give it fifteen minutes to be safe. There is a very busy street to cross and one has to time it just right to get across safely and I will. I walked right past the school, of course. I noticed my error and went back to where it was and it even had a huge sign! Some days I think I’m in another world. Unfortunately there is a pastry shop near the school with the most delicious looking pastries so of course I bought some and I’ve been on a sugar buzz ever since. When I got back to the hotel I just sat in a chair and waited for the sugar high to calm down before attempting to climb those stairs!

I also walked around the block so to speak to see what was in the neighborhood. The University of Guadalajara makes up the bulk of the biggest buildings then there is the church and plaza. Today being a holiday one of the main streets that bisects the University area is closed to vehicles so people can use the street for walking, running, skating, bicycling; anything human powered. There are quite a few people out there using the street hundreds and hundreds having a great time. I took a few photos but they don’t do it justice. There is music and the restaurants are open, venders too.

I had brunch at small restaurant and ate too much I had to go back to the hotel and take a nap to digest all the food I’ve eaten today. What will I do tonight? Go out and eat of course!

Here are some photos of today’s events I have to learn to carry my camera with me I miss some interesting photo ops.


The front of the hotel there is a small sign and you are given a key to get in on your own as the door isn’t always manned


This photo doesn’t do the event justice there were a lot of folks taking advantage of the closed street


The upper flight of stairs if they don’t kill me I’ll be in better shape after a month


The first flight of stairs thank goodness there is a hand rail compare stairs to the books 8-/


View from my seat at a local restaurant watching the folks use the closed street


There were lots of dogs enjoying the free street today every kind and size


The street the hotel is on the blue is part of the hotel, parking is at a premium


Large wide sidewalk this is not normal only on main streets is this so


They people controlling the foot and bicycle traffic when it crossed major streets everyone obeyed the traffic guard





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One thought on “01 Feb 2016 Constitution Day

  1. Yep, Sounds like the type of place you will enjoy a lot. So have fun with it.

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