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Spanish School Blog Day 1-2

The first day of school I arrived on time and asked for the person I was told to in an email, I got quizzical look from the ladies at the front desk. This happens to me so much I almost expect it now. A man in the back said a name and the light went on in their eyes and I was told in Spanish to have a seat and wait. I did what I was told.

Some time passed and young lady came out of room and asked for me and she was the one to give me my oral test. As far as the test goes I didn’t impress her with my knowledge of Spanish. I’m starting at level one there is no lower level. I was sent to buy a book and when I returned I was guided, to another room where I found my instructor and that I was the only student. That is both good and bad. One cannot use the errors of others to learn from, nor can your mind be allowed to wander, you are on the spot to answer every question and explain every sentence.  I muddled through the first day and my head is full of this grammar stuff and I’m not sure if I’m getting it right or not. I’ll toil away until I do.

Second day of class February 3, 2016

Today didn’t start off too good those damn stairs got me! I fell down at almost the very end and hit the floor! Those tile floors don’t move when you fall. I laid there for a couple of minutes and checked myself out nothing is broken. I’ll have a couple of bruises and be sore for a few weeks, but I’ll survive-damn stairs! I hobbled off to school and it was a good day at school I got to speak spanish more even though I don’t pronounce things as well as I should, but I feel I am learning.

When I got back to the hotel I was greeted by the two housekeepers and they insisted that I change rooms so I would be on the first floor and they moved my stuff! How nice of them to do that for me. So the stairs are history! Now I have some homework to do and then I can get some rest.


This is where I fell it was dark first thing in the morning not this nice light from the flash of my camera.

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