I scare the hell out of myself-for some foolish reason I left my medications at home and as a result I have been feeling very tired and very weak. Tonight I felt even worse so I, get this, walked over to the local pharmacy to see the doctor there. A lot of pharmacies in Mexico have doctors in offices for minor ailments. I tell him my problems in my third grade Spanish and he gets a concerned look on his face, takes my medical history and blood pressure, it is to high. He recommends a Cardiologist and he has me call this specialist at night on his cell phone. The Cardiologist tells me what medications to buy at the pharmacy and makes an appointment over the phone to see him at his office tomorrow for an exam and consult; he says be sure to take the medication and if needed use my nitro tabs too.

The doctor at the pharmacy didn’t charge me for the consultation it is free and the medications, 20 days worth, cost me 248 pesos for four prescriptions. I love Mexico meds are cheap doctors are accessible on their cell phones what more can you ask? I’m back at the hotel in my room and I’ve taken the medications. I figure if I can walk back and forth to the pharmacy twice the odds are I’ll be okay. Sometimes being forgetful and or stupid doesn’t pay off. After the visit with the Cardiologist I’ll give an update on how that went.

As for school I’m being bombarded with more compilex grammar and it is a lot to remember and use. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not going to know all this stuff this trip, some of it will stick, but not as much as I want. There are limits to how much and how fast I can absorb information and I think I’ve exceeded my limit. I will soldier on and do my best.

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2 thoughts on “Somedays….

  1. Sounds like a much better medical system than we have in your “old country”. Human centered even!

    • I have been impressed with the limited contact between three doctors one in San Felipe and the two here in Guadalajara. They both seemed to be compassionate care givers and the facilites here in Guadalajara are as good as any hospital I’ve been in and even with the difficulties of language the element of care is professional and kind.

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