Somedays part 2

I saw the Cardiologist this afternoon at a very nice looking hospital the EKG tech was so handsome. I got an EKG and consult for 675 pesos or $36. The Cardiologist changed my meds and how I take the meds as now my blood pressure is too low (110/60. I hope this evens out this weekend and I can get back to my normal. I love this country besides the lower cost of living doctors take time with you and explain what and why they are doing things even give you their cell phone number in case you need them. I still get tired hoping this change in meds helps.
I took another exam today in Spanish and I blew it this is too much too fast still I’m learning something just can’t prove it on the exam. On top of that my health problem didn’t help; two coordinators for the school checked on me today while in class I was impressed with their thoughtfulness.

After the appointment with the Dr. I went across the street to the plaza in front of a big church, there is this cute restaurant there with tables that have umbrellas and I had a treat and just sat and watch the sun start to go down.

Tomorrow I aim to take some photos of the neighborhood surprisingly there are a lot of late-model cars in this town very few clunkers.

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2 thoughts on “Somedays part 2

  1. Glad you are being watched, I still worry when I hear you are not feeling good. Just be careful, please.

    • I seem to be doing better still get tired sometimes it has only been a day switching meds around. I’m hopeful all will be well

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