A Photo Tour Of My Neighborhood

I took some photos this morning of some of the businesses in my neighborhood there is more to follow later. It is a nice neighborhood even if it has graffiti. I found it interesting that most of the cars are newer cars not many old cars.


The dark grey building is the hospital I went to for the Cardiologist appointment.


This is the entrance and you can just see the plants inside it very nice inside
This is a restaurant across from the hospital nice place to have dinner or treat

The red building has restaurant upstairs with Oaxacan specialties



These bikes are part of the city bike program


Join the program for 365 pesos pay a peso a day drop it off at any of their sites.

These are local restaurants and cafe’s the El Gato is interesting in that all the decorations are cats but no live cats.


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4 thoughts on “A Photo Tour Of My Neighborhood

  1. Barbara

    I find all of this so interesting. Do you have your truck there, and if so are you doing any driving in the city? I hear it’s difficult to get around (driving). Thanks for the updates – hope you’re feeling fine now!

    • No I left my wheels at home and yes driving around here until you’re used to the traffic would be very stressful. I’m to involved right now to take on another challenge like learning to drive in Guadalajara. Some other time I might do that.

  2. Perhaps this is why the cars are newer: The older ones were wrecked in traffic?

    • Don’t think so I think it is because Mexicans are buying newer cars because they can afford them and want them. This city, at least the part I’m in, is middle class and highly educated. Universities are plentiful they have a Medical School and other professional schools, private schools are plentiful too. Bookstores new and used are everywhere, people are reading books in the parks, buses and restaurants, it is an amazing sight. In my school there are several hundred taking english courses and another hundred or so spanish course and at the higher internationally certified levels. I feel like I’m back in Boston or Cambridge, MA in some ways.

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