I got wet

Tonight I went out for dinner at a local restaurant and I was surprised by the chill in the air. Earlier today it was very warm here in Guadalajara and cloudy. I haven’t seen that in a while. So when I went to dinner the drop in temperature caught me by surprise. Also there was a light breeze which may have accounted for the perceived chill. I usually sit under the umbrellas at this restaurant, but tonight’s breeze altered my decision and I used the upstairs dinning room. I wasn’t the only one as there were three or four couples there already. I ordered my food and coffee and as I looked out over the plaza with the usual friday night crowd a flash caught my eye. I waited and then it happened again. It was lightening from a storm quite aways off. I could tell it was far away as I couldn’t hear the thunder. Still I didn’t waste time when my food came I got down to business as I knew there was very little shelter on the walk back to the hotel.

After dinner I went to a local bakery for desert; a chocolate croissant and some cookies for the night desk clerk. I was almost to the hotel, I just had to turn the corner to the street the hotel is on and a half a block and I would be inside when the rain started to come down. I stepped into the corner store and with two other people we shared the doorway for a while hoping that the rain would stop or at least let up. I could see the rain in the street lights and the headlights of the passing cars and it looked heavy to me. Eventually I gave up waiting for the rain to stop and staying close to the sides of the buildings I scurried to the hotel all the while wishing I had my umbrella.

Upon entering the hotel I could hear the rain hitting the plastic roof-cover over the center patio and then I heard the thunder. The sound of rain on a roof is something I have not heard often lately and yet, in its own way, is comforting to hear. I enjoyed my chocolate croissant and got chocolate all over my hand because it was gushing out of the croissant, so I licked it off ! Yum!

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3 thoughts on “I got wet

  1. Wish I could eat a chocolate croissant… Have fun girl….

    • I wish you could too! I’m in Aijiic today and will have dinner at the same restaurant tonight that we did when we visited together it is called the Peacock Restaurant I hope to take a photo.

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