Photos of the Casita

This is the casita I have rented for the summer it is a one bedroom with off street parking the gates open with a clicker it is furnished and has cable TV (Shaw). The blue barrels are a roof garden where vegetables are grown during the summer and there are worm bins to help improve the soil. Behind the garden is an Artist’s studio. My landlord is an Artist and I met him while admiring his work which is excellent and he is in demand here in Ajijic. The casita is not in the village, as Ajijic residents like to call it, it is about a mile from the center of the “village”.







Bedroom 2, curtain closes off closet

Bedroom 2, curtain closes off closet



Wash basin entry to bath

Wash basin entry to bath

Living room

Living room




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9 thoughts on “Photos of the Casita

  1. Guess this means you ae staying for the summer and not going back to S.F.

    • I’m returning to S.F. got to do taxes and I have some documents at the house in S.F. I need to prepare them. I want to bring my car to Ajijic so I can get around better so I plan to drive back to Ajijic. I have to pay my neighbor for taking care of my garden. I also have a truck that I want to sell. I’ll return here in April and stay until September or October. Of course all plans are written in Jello 🙂

  2. Barbara

    This looks very comfortable. Is it walkable to el centro? I’m eager to hear how you like life there when you can settle in and “live like a local” long enough to establish a routine. Safe travels and I look forward to more (always!).

    • One draw back is it is a long walk to el centro and the hard part is the walk back! That would be all up hill. I plan to bring my car over even though it is a long trip from San Felipe BC

  3. How exciting for you Julia! Looks like a good fit and great opportunity to experience life in Lake Chapala. I’m happy for you and also hate to see you go- at least until I’m gone for the summer!

  4. Looks like a nice place, I hope it is a good summer for you.

  5. Char

    Hello Julia,
    I have just found your site, began following your adventure[s]. I am wondering if you have left SF for your drive yet?

    • I have had a serious set back health wise. I had a heart attack and had to return to the US and have a by-pass operation just getting released from the hospital tomorrow the April 18th. I won’t be coming to Lake Chapala for a long while I have inform the John and Edward about this.

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