Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

A rainy cold day

A storm moved in and the temperature dropped then the rain started. I thought what a good opportunity to take the bus to Chapala and walk around in the cold and rain, thinking it was only going to be a sprinkle or two. It turned out to be a gully washer of a rain. I found several places to take refuge from the rain one was a coffee shop that roasts its own beans and has lovely cheese cakes. I found that crossing the streets to be a challenge as the water was getting deeper as the rain continued and it seemed that the normal crosswalks were flooded. One has to watch out for cars splashing water and water running off of the roofs and awnings. I had a hard time taking pictures and dodging the rain. I found the American Legion Post and had lunch there. I met a few people who also braved the wet for lunch and found out some information about living in Chapala. Here are the rainy day photos of Chapala.

Last night I went to a Japanese restaurant with the Hosts of the Guest House and another guest the food was delicious and it is within walking distance of the house.


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