This is a blog about my love affair with Mexico. I have visited and lived for a short time in Merida Yucatan Mexico. I have been looking for a place to live in Mexico. Most places gringos live in Mexico the price of property has gone up beyond my comfort level. I think I have found a place to live in San Felipe Baja MX. Here I can lease a lot for about a hundred dollars a month, build on it and be close enough to the border to be back in the “Old Country” in a few hours by road. The beaches are here and the mountains are close. Will it work out ? Who knows?

There are many obstacles to achieving my dream only time will tell if I can achieve living happily once again in Mexico.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Gaby

    hello, we are coming to Merida in a few months and somebody from Yolisto(when we were looking for furniture) suggested your site because they saw a description of finding cheap furniture in Merida. We couldnt find it in your blog, can you tell us please, where you found that cheap furniture? Thank you very much.

    • I found furniture reasonably priced at Mega the big grocery store I forget what street it is on but it has a parking garage under it and it is HUGE! At that time they had almost everything I needed even a stove and fridge.
      Good luck !

  2. "J.J." Jones at Kiki's.

    Julia, I Absolutely LOVE all your efforts in making your place a home. Also your new palapa is wonderful. Thanks for letting me see all this, it is so beautiful.

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