I got an infection in the kidneys and had to go to the doctor and get my blood tested an x-ray and urinalysis. The urinalysis came back that I had an infection in the kidneys; kidneys because of the lower back pain I suppose. I was on cipro for ten days I hope it worked I have to wait another three days to get another test to check if the infection is gone. I also found that my cholesterol has gone up to 165 not a good sign. I think I have reduced my Lipitor too much so I’m going back to my previous dosage and see what happens. My x-ray has given me some worry it seems that there is some damage do to my 27 years of smoking and even though I quit smoking in 1983 I still have evidence of the damage caused. Gives one pause to think this could be a problem in the future. More worrying than that is according to the x-ray my aorta is enlarged or aorta aneurism a swelling of the aorta that puts one at risk of a rupture and that is the end. The doctor didn’t seem to think mine was dangerous as I have my blood pressure under control at least the last time that it was checked. Needless to say this is giving me some worry and I plan to discuss this with my doctors when I see them next month in Tucson.

Saturday I felt well enough to do some social activities I went on an artists home tour. There are homes built on beaches south of town called the south campos. There are about six camps south of town they don’t have fresh water it has to be trucked in not unusual in Mexico. These camps are off the grid so they are on solar power. So solar is the source of electric power and some have back-up generators for those rare days the sun doesn’t shine strong enough to put enough electricity into the batteries they depend on to power the house lights and other electrical equipment. Their refrigeration is older Servel gas-powered refrigerators or RV fridges which work on both 120 ac and lp gas. The homeowners seemed to be doing fine with the arrangement and the homes, at least the ones I got to visit, were fabulous some extremely modern others like a hippy sort of thing out of the sixties, all quite imaginative.

The art was very good, very professional and well displayed. We got to see seven artist’s studios and their work it was quite an experience.

Tonight San Felipe is in the middle of a serious wind and sand storm. The winds are forty to sixty miles an hour and it is blowing sand and dust everywhere. The sand and dust are in my house as well as everyone else’s house leaving a layer of fine sand on every surface it will take hours to clean it all up. My biggest worry is my garden the wind is torturing my trees and plants just beating them up. I hope they survive. I have been outside bolstering the trees with more support from small ropes and even painter’s tape to keep the trees from being destroyed. The bushes are on their own-we’ll see how they fare in morning light. I had to go up to my roof garden and take down a chair as it was being thrown like a toy the noise would surely keep me awake all night if I didn’t bring it down from the roof.

I won’t have photos for a while as my camera broke, when I go north again I will buy another until then I’ll have to do without.


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An Interesting Evening So Far


drip (Photo credit: basheem)

Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood P...

Digitales Blutdruckmessgerät / Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This afternoon/evening I was sitting here browsing the internet and making pithy comments on Facebook when suddenly I didn’t feel well. I was a bit nauseous my feet tingled and I was weak. I had to rush to the bathroom and after I still felt ill. I laid down and took one of my nitroglycerin tablets and waited I felt a little better so I got up and walked around I didn’t improve so I went to a neighbor’s house and asked them to take me to the clinic because I didn’t trust myself to drive.

I had a visit with the Dr. at the clinic and he gave me an exam and after he checked all my medications and noted I had diarrhea for two weeks he ordered an EKG. The EKG was the same as always a left branch blockage but otherwise normal. The doctor ordered an IV drip because my blood pressure was up and I had been taking a diuretic as well has having diarrhea so the chances are I was dehydrated. Once the nurse got the IV started, which with my dehydration didn’t make it easy to get the needle into my veins, my blood pressure came down from 140/80 to 123/68. I was released with orders to drink two ounces of electrolyte every four hours and come back for a blood test in the morning.

I feel much better and my mind is at ease knowing that I did the right thing going to see the doctor when I did instead of trying to wait the symptoms out. All the treatment and exam came to 2015 pesos or  $155. I can imagine what an emergency room visit would have cost in the States. What ever it costs I needed some medical care to avoid some serious problems and I got it.

The other part that pleased me is I conducted my business with the nurse totally in spanish! I started right off speaking spanish and we kept right on with it through out the whole event. I understood the directions and I made myself understood to her. I feel kind of proud of myself, after all the classes, books, tapes, tutoring I feel tonight I am making some progress. I still have a whole lot to learn and I may never be bilingual but I can, or will be able to communicate. :-)) This a real boost to my desire to learn the language and is not bad for the ego as well. I did talk to the doctor in english as my knowledge of medical terms in spanish is non-exsistant. I think I can fix that there are some books on spanish for EMTs that would help 🙂

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Update March 28, 2011

Been in the hospital again with chest pain no heart attack just Angina, found out that I have some scaring on the heart from some previous incident that I wasn’t told about. Feel better now and I am back walking my dog and doing normal stuff. Now and then I have to pause to let the heart/lungs catch up but it doesn’t seem to worry the Docs.

I have been spending time with family in Tucson Az and now that there is an offer on the house in Texas I am headed back there to make sure everything goes smoothly and sell my van. Hopefully all will go well and the house will sell without a hitch.

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