Mexican house projects

Beach House Punta Banda MX

I needed to visit my new house in Punta Banda to sign some papers and to check the house out for any repairs and or improvements. I have been here since tuesday afternoon and I’m still in love with the place. The weather has been very good not to cold just cool and sunny. The sound of the waves coming ashore along with watching them is very relaxing to me. At night I can hear the waves and puts me to sleep. I find myself watching the waves for a very long time they are a great time waster.

I thought the location of the house would be good for a view of Ensenada lights at night and I was right ! This photo below doesn’t do the lights justice but it is the best I can do without a tripod and timed exposure. I have been busy shopping for the house. The house will be used as a rental from time to time so it needed a microwave oven. I got one at COSCO which is about a half hour drive from here. I also got some pillows for the couch and a few items for the kitchen.

Here is the photo of the lights at night.


Here is a video of the waves coming ashore click on the photo to get the video.

My trip has been a successful one in that I have gotten a list of things to be done all minor and through the rental agent have someone to do it! I’m really liking this house and through the agent I have learned more about its history which explains some of its quirks. I love quirky houses ­čÖé


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New color for my Casita

I have a little one bedroom Casa (house) here in San Felipe now and then I change something just to give life a little boost. I got it in my head to paint one wall on the veranda, I love that word it sounds so grand, Mexican Pink. I went to a local paint store and looked at their color chart and there it was a very bright pink. When I told the man what I wanted even he called it Mexican Pink, in Spanish of course.

So I took some photos of the pink wall. I didn’t paint it pink I paid someone else to do the job if I had done it there would have been paint everywhere including the wall the floor and ceiling.

The photos also show the new iron work too, this adds a more Spanish touch to the house.

Here are some photos my now Mexican Pink veranda;


From the entry looking down the veranda


Looking towards the entry and living room


Sitting area at the end of the veranda


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The Patio Project

I am having a patio put in the garden because when I sit in my chairs on the gravel the chairs keep settling down and it is hard for me to get out of the chairs and walking on gravel is not pleasant with flip-flops. My contractor and I have had discussions about how big and where it will be and now how high the bricks will be sticking out of the ground. So far the top-level of gravel has been removed and more sand has been added to make the ground level.  Today three men have worked on this project, seems there is more to laying bricks on the ground than meets the eye.

The plan includes space for a fire pit, I have one I have never used it uses real wood. I’m not fond of using real wood because of the smoke I may buy a portable camp fire from Camper’s World to use and avoid the whole smoke in the eyes thing.

Here are photos of the work so far;

Where the new patio is going in

Where the new patio is going in










My next post will be when the work is done and I have put some furniture on the Patio.


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