Trip to the “Old Country”

Sunday I drove north to Calexico and El Centro California USA. The road north was interesting in that we had rain off and on for two days prior to my departure and I wasn’t to sure about the road conditions. The road north was good until I got to Ventana Canyon and there the construction began for five kilometers. Some places in this stretch were narrow and one had to be aware of the on coming traffic as a truck and car would find it hard to pass safely together. The road its self was muddy, bumpy and lots of puddles. The signage was lacking in some places so I wasn’t sure where I should be driving. I made the right choices and got through that five kilometers okay. The after that construction were five small detours off the road onto what was supposed to be hard pack, but was rocks and mud. These detours were because of bridge construction. Once through the construction the road was smooth and dry all the way to and through Mexicali.

Then came the wait at the border to cross into the US. The wait in my line was an hour and half on a Sunday. I was getting concerned as my truck was heating up and there was an odd sound when it was sitting still and in gear. I used an old trick of turning on the heater and opening the windows to dissipate the heat from the motor and it worked. Of course I couldn’t use the AC so it made the cab uncomfortable but bearable. When I got to the border the K-9 inspecting my truck to a liking to my front end for some reason and I had to open the hood for inspection. Of course there was nothing to be found, my best guess is that the neighborhood cat had slept in the engine compartment leaving a tantalizing odor to interest the dog. Just my luck to be housing a cat in my truck.

Once cleared at the border and picking up speed the motor cooled off and I could use the AC again. I paid a visit to Walmart and began the process of having my prescriptions filled, this was the main purpose of my visit. I had two prescription not filled and it was because my doctor’s office didn’t respond timely. I’ll get that taken care of when I go north in December. I stayed at Vacation Inn in El Centro it is not fancy and not expensive and if I needed to I could bring a pet or two.

The trip back home to San Felipe was uneventful. The construction area at the pass was still a mess and seemed to have a lot of traffic going north which slowed things down as we went through the narrow areas. Still I got home okay and I was happy to be in my little house safe and sound again. I and lots of other people will be pleased when the road construction is finished and we can travel smoothly and safely back and forth to Mexicali. Still no banditos, shoot outs or bodies laying about to scare people 🙂

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A Quiet Peaceful Holiday

DSCF2524May your christmas be joyful, peaceful and satisfying. Here in San Felipe mine is definitely peaceful, very few people stayed for the holidays here at Pete‘s Camp. My street is almost empty of residents a strange sight at this time of year. One of the things that was missing this christmas were the fire works -sheesh Mexico and no fireworks 😦 This place is getting to civilized for my tastes. Thankfully I found my favorite hot chocolate and matching that with a coffee liqueur

Spanish churros with hot chocolate.

Spanish churros with hot chocolate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and brandy in my tea and the holiday has been a merry one. I do miss my pets and some humans, of course, this is the first christmas in a long time I haven’t had a fur pal to snuggle. I will get another fur pal-when the time is right.

I have been a bit of a grump, grinch, Debby downer during the holidays and to all who have had to put up with this behavior I apologize. I have always had a difficult time with the holiday season and have often said to myself “If I had the money I’d go somewhere they don’t celebrate christmas and return when it is all over!”. I do like somethings about the holidays; the decorations, christmas lights, fire in the fireplace, eggnog, hot chocolate, fruit cake (ya I’m one of those!) and the smells of pine and goodies baking in the kitchen. Some things I could do without; drunks, insistent christmas music everywhere, crowds, phony sales on TV, phony baloney well wishes from people you know don’t like you, did I mention crowds?

Tonight I’m going to have a fire in my chiminea and watch the pretty flames and smell the mesquite burning and have a toast to al those who are not here this year. That list is a long sad one this year, Maybe next year will be better, let’s hope.

I am off for my daily walk on the beach and to enjoy the cool breeze and the sights of the birds and maybe there will be dolphins swimming off the beach today, who knows?

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My little fur baby is gone

It hurts so bad I can’t stand it. Pia, my darling little Siamese kitty, companion, fur child of twenty years is gone she passed away this morning at 0915hrs quietly sedated by the local vet as I petted and comforted her into the dark void of the beyond. We had traveled to many places and she had been my fur kid for so long. Few other relationships have lasted as long or been as pleasant as this one. I loved to hear her tiny bell tinkling as she strode along to investigate what I was doing or to check out something that sparked her feline curiosity. She loved to walk on me at night and then snuggle against me and purr that contented purr cats have when they are pleased.

Of late she had been in poor health having seizures and then recovering for a few days. I knew the end was near and I had to steel my nerves to take her to the vet’s office and do that which was only fair and stop the pain and struggle. She was one strong kitty and she didn’t want to go-maybe she wanted to chase one more butterfly in the garden, but it was time and I sent her on her way to peace and tranquility.

Now I sit and think of her and miss her so bad. She was the last of my fur kids and she is gone, no more Siamese meows, purrs or bell tinkling just dead silence……… All I have are sweet memories and tears.

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

PIA the cat checking things out and planning her next escape

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The trip back to Texas

First day going back Texas we got off to a late start as we had to turn in the
equipment for the cable TV and Internet service and the office didn’t open until 10am. We did make good time on the road considering our late start. That night we picked a Mexican low cost hotel to stay the night in, we usually have a problem at the high priced places with the pets. This hotel couldn’t care less if we had pets. After paying for the room we went walking, looking for a place to have dinner. We didn’t find anything close to the motel so we walked back to the motel, on the way back I fell hard on the sidewalk and Samantha had to help me up. I knew that I would have bruises from this fall. I managed to get myself back to the van and we went looking for a restaurant and found a few, all closed. Just by chance we found a family restaurant that was open and even though it was raining we went in to see what the menu was like. We ordered dinner and it was a very nice dinner much nicer than many places we had eaten at this trip. Just as we were finishing our meal a group of young ladies showed up and their job was to publicise the local carnival week, they gave out party favors we got beads and a large plastic bottle with the local beer logo. It was nice to be included and we talked about the experience at the restaurant several times later in the trip. We seem to have better luck with food and accommodations using the businesses that are more for Mexicans than for the foreign clientele.
The following day we got off to an early start, but not before we got attacked by mosquitoes while loading the van, darn they were bad. however we got off bitten but not beaten…

The second day on the road we noticed that there was more rain than before and lots more potholes in the road. The traffic was getting heavier and the GPS was sending us on wild goose trips. Just north of Veracruz we stopped for a night at Marty’s Motel and restaurant. This is another pleasant surprise. They let us keep the animals in the room and we arrived just before they closed the restaurant. We had another wonderful Mexican dinner, great food, I loved the beans and the tortillas were fresh and hot. We told them we would return for breakfast in the morning. The next morning we packed up and waited for the restaurant to open. We weren’t disappointed the breakfast was great I had heavos rancheros, loved those beans and the eggs were done to perfection the sauce was perfect. Two good meals in a row. So off we went with satisfied tummies.

Third day was more rough roads more GPS problems and in Tampico we had our first run in with a cop on the take. We had just made a left hand turn at a signal and had waited for the green arrow so we knew we hadn’t run the red light. He pulled us over and accused us of running the light and said he could give us a ticket that would cost $200. I faked that I didn’t understand Spanish and told him in English that he could take us to the police station. He didn’t like that idea, but inferred that things could be forgotten for a price so he got me for $20. It was either that or sit there and argue for who knows how long and still end up paying a fine.
We left there a little disturbed but none for the wear and found the Best Western Motel on the road out of town. Best Western doesn’t allow pets in the rooms, so I didn’t say we had any and later in the evening after the help left I snuck them into the room. I know I was naughty doing this, but I just couldn’t leave them out there in the van all night in the cold rain, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep thinking about them.

The following day the roads improved still a few big potholes, but most were easily avoided although with all the potholes we had hit on this trip I was getting concerned about the tire situation on the van. The damn GPS made some obvious errors so we turned it off and made our way north on our own. We finally made it to Metomoros on the border with Texas and did the usual ride around town until we found a bridge to cross. With usual luck we got in the wrong parking lot and picked the wrong official to ask to take our vehicle sticker back. With trial and error and persistence we got the job done and were on our way back to the U.S..
When we got to the other side we had to give up our lunch meat, hot dogs and pay for our liquor no big deal, got the usual twenty questions from the boys in blue and the rain continued. After we got released we drove around and eventually found the La Quinta Motel and went to dinner at Denny’s. We both thought it was amusing that at this Denny’s we heard as much Spanish as when we were in Mexico. I had a piece of apple pie something that I wanted since we started the trip.
So we are back in Texas ……

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