House Hunting in Punta Banda

I went to Ensenada looking for a summer place and I found this house on the beach at Punta Banda. Two or three bedrooms two baths nice living room with a view and it has off street parking, two fireplaces nice kitchen appliances and it is on the beach. Leased land for a small fortune every year. Did I mention it is on the beach ?


Front patio


Front patio


House fish camp

View of the back of the house from the beach

House Fish Camp

Beach view in back of the house

House Fish Camp

Beach view towards Ensenada

House Fish Camp

Beach view West

House Fish Camp Punta Banda

View of the rear of the house with deck

House Fish Camp Punta Banda

Beach view from house

House at Fish Camp

Living room with fireplace and dining area off of the kitchen

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Today’s slice of life

Today I decided to pay my Mexican Health Insurance; it is a yearly thing and I joined it because I wanted a back up in case of emergency like an accident or some other disaster would befall me. I’m getting on in years now and a fall could be a serious situation so the Mexican Health Insurance is there to pick up the pieces so to speak.

I had to travel to Mexicali which is about two hours away and find the IMSS office to go through the maze to pay my premium. I got there after negotiation the city traffic which wasn’t to bad for a thursday morning. I just had to remember which statue I had to turn right at, there are several traffic circles in Mexicali also known as roundabouts for our English friends and Glorietas for our Mexican friends. Navigating these traffic mazes while looking for the right statue is always so much fun as traffic gets down right hairy in these things and one might get trapped into going around and around again. This morning the traffic minions were with me and “Lo and Behold” there was the familiar statue and I was in the almost correct lane to make a righthand turn. This time there was no horn blowing or single figure salutes so all went well with that turn!

I proceeded down the avenue that I never learned the name of until I got to the IMSS office. Thank the government official who ordered the new sign I can actually see it now from the street but of course being a city street no left turn permitted so I had to go to the next light and make a U-turn, I’m still not sure if that is permitted or not. I proceed to try and enter the parking lot and of course true to my form I found myself to the dismay of the guard going in the out with him waving his arms in disgust at my ignorance ! Oh well I got in and found a parking space, then the fun begins.

I have a little Spanish but under stress I tend to get things mixed up or not understood at all and today was no different. I got my number from the receptionist and was told in Spanish that I would be going to window 22 when my number came up, and there came the problem! My number didn’t come up! I sat and then sat some more I even moved close to the window with number 22 on it and still my number didn’t come up. I saw other people go there and leave but my number didn’t come up on the screen. I finally waved at the man in the window and he called me over looked at my number and did the latin shrug like “oh well shit happens” after a comedy of pantomime, broken Spanish mine and broken English his, he sent me to window 3. And there again my number didn’t come up ! I did my best to look pathetic and or worried and a young lady took mercy on me and called me to the wind sans my number. She was puzzled by this no number thing and wanted to know who sent me there I point to 22 and said in Spanish window 22. Where upon I was sent back to my seat to sit some more while she and then a man typed and discussed my case or maybe they were discussing where to have lunch, how would I know?

finally, I’m called to the window and I confirmed it was time to take some documents to the bank and pay for my insurance and return. It seems in Mexico this is the way things are done you first process documents get more documents take said documents to a bank sometimes to a specific bank and only that bank and other times you’re given a choice of banks. Today I got a choice of banks. I chose HSBC bank as that was close to this office and I had been there before. Mexican banks are so much better now than years ago they have lines and folks follow the lines and mostly stay in line. Years ago this was not the case; like I said things are so much better now. My turn came and without any problem other then the sadness of giving up my money I paid 7540 pesos and returned to the IMSS office to find that almost everyone had departed. I got worried; did the nice man who helped me leave? Will the new official understand what I’m doing how do I explain all this in my broken Spanish, plus I had to go to the bathroom ! Which do I do ? Go to the bathroom and hope someone will be there to assist me when I get done or take a chance that I can hold it until later? I took chance I didn’t want to have to come back another day and start over. I went back to window 22 and there was a new official he looked at my papers like “What the hell is this Gringa doing here?” But, he found documents laying there with my name on it that showed that I was a client and he stamped and stapled and typed away until suddenly I was in possession of my new contract for IMSS ! TA-DA good for another year ! I celebrated by having lunch ! Oh yes I did get to use the bathroom, just in time too!


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Ensenada Shopping Trip Part 2

Besides Rosarito and Ensenada we visited La Bufadora a natural blow hole that is quite the tourist attraction.

Here are a few photos;


The Cove at Bufadora


Julia and Deb


Diane, Julia and Deb


Another view of the cove


Peg, Deb and fishermen at the fish mkt


Bufadora view

I also got to do a little house hunting, I’m interested in renting or maybe buying a place for the summer on the other coast.

A sample of some of the houses for sale:


House No. 1


House No. 1

House No. 2




House No. 3


House 3


House 3

I’m still looking and I have a few leads for rentals. I may visit the area for a few weeks and scout out the area on my own.


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Shopping Trip to Ensenada Baja Mexico Part 1

Myself and three friends took a shopping trip to Ensenada Mexico from San Felipe Mexico. We drove across the peninsula using the cross peninsula highway a winding road through some picturesque mountains that run north to south through the whole peninsula. We stayed at a hotel in the center of town and all four of us were in one room and shared two beds. We were within walking distance of restaurants and shops which made everything we would need convenient.

We shopped everyday till we dropped and enjoyed some fine meals together and lots of laughter! In the end we filled up the cargo section of a pickup truck 😀

Here are some photos of the trip ;


Our Room


Diane and Peggy moving in


Peg and Deb settling in

Our first swap meet was just a few minutes from the hotel, there are swap meets in many neighborhoods on different days and you can get almost anything there.


Need tools ?




We took this photo at a Gas Station of pig going to market 🙂

From then on I was very busy checking out stores and bargaining with vendors to take photos, but here we are at the end of the day at the famous Rosearita Hotel for a little drinky-poo 😀


We went on to The Splash Restaurant for our “Happy Hour and dinner” it was fabulous I had the lobster others had lobster bisque and oysters and we shared an appetizer while watching the waves splash and the Sun Set on the Pacific Ocean! What a day ! It was wonderful; great friends, great food, terrific shopping !

We had so many wonderful meals in so many wonderful restaurants it is hard to list them all.



El Cid Hotel Breakfast


My breakfast


Julia, Diane and Deb at El Cid’s for breakfast


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Today was The Chili Cook-off

This was the fifteenth Chili Cook-off at Club de Pesca San Felipe Baja MX and it was a grand day for it. Wonderful temps a light breeze lots of sunshine and half the town was there. My favorite part was the hot dogs with cheese and chili; I had two 🙂 This is an annual event lots of folks look forward to this date and visit San Felipe to enjoy the event and visit with family and friends!

Here are some photos from today’s Chili Cook-off;

Of course if there is a boat around I have to take note of it

Here are some photos of Camp de Pesca San Felipe some very lovely people live there some full time others as time permits. The homes are so imaginative and cozy.

I had a lovely time and bought a few things like a T-shirt, two tops and an ankle bracelet, I love to shop 🙂


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The Guesthouse Project

Things are getting done; I’ve cleaned out the trailer, had the rugs pulled up and thrown away got the 12 volt lights to work, tested the plumbing and had the debris hauled off. Next is to make a Punch list of things to be done and a shopping list of materials and tools needed then go shopping for them. I have also talked with a contractor about leveling the trailer, hooking up the utilities and building a stem wall, steps and a patio.

Here are some photos of the progress so far;



Rugs are gone


This window I have hit with my head 2X


This is where the utilities are


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She’s home the Airstream that is :-)

The other night my friend brought my airstream trailer to my house and parked it for me.  It was almost dark when the trailer arrived. Since then I have been able to give it a good look-over and there are a lot of things to fix and replace. As I go through the rig I notice more and more things that have to be done. I found that the power cord is missing so for now I can’t use electricity and of course the house battery is long dead. A lot of the plastic handles and latches are disintegrating when touched so they will have to be replace as will a vent cover that is missing. The curtains, of course, are rotten and will have to be replaced. Some of the cabinet doors need repair or replacement and the couch will need to be reupholstered.

So the project begins and it will be interesting to see what happens when work is started and what other things will have to be repaired or replaced. I am happy that the trailer is now in my yard and I can get the renovation underway.

Here are some photos;


Looking aft towards the Head (bathroom)


Looking towards the lounge


the lounge area


front of the trailer


Curbside of the trailer

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Ladies Breakfast With the Naval Cmdrs Wife

The other morning I joined some friends and neighbors at a benefit breakfast hosted by the Naval Commander’s wife. Usually once a month she hosts a Ladies Breakfast to raise funds for a charity. I try to attend these events to lend my support to these worthy causes and to meet other ladies here in San Felipe. The breakfast is always good and we are served by the Mexican Sailors who are so polite and caring. There are door prizes to add to the festive occasion and we play Mexican Lottery, something like bingo but with pictures that have names.

Most of all the meeting of other ladies in the community both foreign  and Mexican is for me a real treat. This time there was a theme and that was Spring and we were to wear our Spring hats and there was a contest for the prettiest hat in the group. I so enjoyed this breakfast and all the events there. Here is a group photo of our table and a larger one of my self displaying my hat 🙂


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Sunday morning

Sunday morning has been beautiful in so many ways; I made coffee and took it up to the roof garden to see the Sun. The camp was quiet there was a very light breeze one could call it a whisper of a breeze. I looked out to the Sea of Cortez and it was Azure Blue with pinpoints of sunlight glistening off a mere ripple of waves. My plants are recovering from the winter showing new leaves on the bougainvillieas which I had fretted about when they lost their leaves a few months ago. The mesquite trees are leafing out now so that is a good sign of spring.

I didn’t hear the usual tinkling sounds from my fountain so I went down to the garden to check it out and found a little debris blocking the intake to the pump. I watered a few potted plants and the hanging baskets of plants too, hanging basket plants need constant attention. I realized I had to get ready for an important occasion and hurried through my morning routine.

This morning was a benefit breakfast to raise money for Cancer treatment of a daughter of one of our beloved doctors. This community pulls together for such things and there have been several benefits to raise enough money to send her to a special clinic in Cuba to help her fight this terrible disease.

I and my friend Irene support many charitable fund raisers in town she usually hears about these things first and sells the tickets to others and I’m a sure bet to buy them. I’m not into big crowds but in this case I made an exception because of the cause and that my friend Irene would be there. Here are some photos of the breakfast.


The message tree to place good wishes for recovery 17156024_10158471849460061_1618869691338517322_n

The Band Played for our enjoyment 17200957_10158471849565061_2350356302758824283_n

Chulita is the young lady’s name and she got to talk to us over the internet


Irene and I enjoying our people watching at the event, it is so much nicer to share with a friend17202973_10158471849560061_5543931568239007572_n

I think the most emotional time was when the young lady spoke to us over the internet she is very ill and yet so loving it brought tears to my eyes.

Now for the rest of the day after this emotional event that I’ll think about for a long time.

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New Project

I have given up on the  house from a previous post just didn’t feel right, so I move on. Now I have another project to occupy my efforts. I published this on another blog I have about my RV adventures this is to keep my readers of this blog informed about what I’m doing.

I just bought an Airstream a 1969, 29′, Ambassador, a friend told me about it a few weeks ago and I went and looked at it. The poor thing has been sitting in the desert alone for a few years and needs lots of TLC. I don’t have any photos I can share yet, as soon as I do I’ll post them.

I plan to use this trailer as a Guest House so she won’t be hitting the road after she gets to my house. I’ll clean her up and paint her inside and wash it outside then remove the shag carpet put down some laminate flooring, repair and replace where needed and I’ll build a roof over it to protected the trailer from the desert Sun. I’ll also skirt the trailer and replace some appliances. I want my guests to be happy in my Guest House.

I’m excited to have a new project to work on. Here are photos of someone else’s Airstream of a similar era and model.

🙂I am eager to get started on this project as it may require a lot work to make into a nice guesthouse. I am looking forward to the challenge .

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