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Fluenz Spanish Course vs. Bueno Entonces

Just an update on my use of the Fluenz Spanish course. I am in level 3 of five levels and I seem to be comprehending the course or I am deluding myself, I don’t know which. Last night my disc was freezing up on me and was having fits being ejected from my computer. I got annoyed enough to look at the disc and it had scratches on it so it must have been a used disc that they sent me. I sent an email last night about 12am and this morning I got a nice message saying they had shipped a new disc to me and should be here 3 business days! Now that is service! No messing around just send the customer what she needs.I wish more places were as easy to deal with as this company.

I also tried a new disc set called Bueno Entonces, not my cup of tea. The first problem is that the first disc is blank, yup nothing on it, the second problem is it is using Argentine Spanish and idioms, Argentine Spanish has a different pronunciation of common words than Mexican Spanish and the discs use Argentine idioms which are unknown in Mexico therefor of now help. The cartoon like instructors are annoying and the British guy is even more annoying. So with a British cartoon guy as the student learning Argentine Spanish going on I think I’ll send this course back to the company and try and get my money back.

I still have my flash cards, work books and discs from the Warren Hardy Spanish School in San Miguel and I have been using them lately to refresh my mind on the conjugation of verbs. I was never brilliant at conjugation of verbs in school and I see I haven’t improved with age 🙂 If nothing else I am consistent.

I’ll plod along stuffing as much Spanish into my old brain as I can and when I get to Mexico employ a tutor to sort it all out in my brain, hopefully!

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Re-learning Spanish

I purchased a Spanish course called Fluenz over the internet. It arrived in a classy red box and I immediatly set to the task of re-learning Spanish. I have taken Spanish courses before in San Miguel at the Warren Hardy School, I got to level three with some great effort. I used my Spanish while in Merida Yucatan and it was no where near perfect but good enough to go shopping get a cell phone, rent a house, buy furniture, and talk on a basic level with a mechanic fixing my car. I stumbled around quite a bit, but in the end usually got through okay. I want to do better than that, I want to be high functional as they say. So that is why I am taking this course.

The first level Fluenz Spanish is a quick review of the basics and it is going well from my point of view, the real test of the course is when I get into the parts of the language I am weak in and or don’t know. Then we will see how well the course works for me. So far I am satisfied with the course, there are a few little bits that are annoying, but so are some teachers and tutors. When I get back to SMA I will hire a tutor to drill me on my pronunciation, and reduce my accent. Hopefully I won’t be a bumbling gringa who needs help from english speaking Mexicans to often.

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What have I done?

Today I went to my other class in Spanish language and I arrived early.
I must have gotten the times wrong in my memory and so there I was
in time for a different class. This class was using the Soap Opera style
of instruction and was totally in Spanish with the class playing actors
parts in Spanish. I was asked if I would like to sit in on the class, so I
did and had a good time.
Then it was time for the class in the one I signed up for which is a class
in conversation Spanish also given in Spanish with the students asking
each other questions in Spanish and answering in Spanish.
Phew! From 12:30 to 5:30 solid Spanish instruction.
I don’t know if I can keep this up or not, but I would like to try to do
take all three and see what happens. We shall see.
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