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Beach Bonfire

Sunday evening I joined the neighbors for a beach bonfire to celebrate the full moon. This has become a tradition for the neighbors to gather on the full moon to have a fire and share food and beverages on our beach while connecting and sharing our stories. The evening was warm and the fire large thanks to the men folk who had gathered lots of wood to burn. Here are some photos of the occasion. Life is good here 🙂

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What I have been doing in Tucson

My Little House In San Felipe Baja MX

I have been here in Tucson for over a month and while here I thought it would be a good idea to look around for a small house to buy as an investment and to live in when I visited Tucson for family or medical tests. So in my search I have applied for a mortgage and in the process I have come face to face with American Officialdom . The Mexicans have nothing on Americans for paper work and the mysterious need for documents and copies of copies that seems to go on and on endlessly. Even when the original documents on hand tell the story very well the powers that be want more letters and documents. The latest is that the mortgage underwriter’s want an award letter from Social Security telling them what I am supposed to get every year and an award letter from the Army saying the same thing. HUH? Dear Mortgage Mavins I have been receiving Army retirement pay for over twenty-five years it is on the Income tax forms I sent to you for the past three years. I don’t think the IRS accepts bogus paper work claiming income that doesn’t exist, same for the Social Security.

Then there are the houses; to be quite frank most of the houses I have seen so far are bulldozer fodder, they are crap needing serious repair or are beyond economical rehabilitation. Just knock ’em down and start over. Yet the government has these pathetic abodes on their roles and they are trying to shlock these money pits off on an unsuspecting buyer.

Needless to say I am frustrated and disappointed by this turn of events. Then again maybe it is all for a reason. I look at my modest, pretty, paid for home in San Felipe and appreciate it all the more. The prices for almost everything in the U.S. has gone way up! There are some bargains to be had, but one has to know where to look. For me I will always have to shop for clothes and shoes in the U.S. as my size does not exist in Mexico. So my shopping friends are the internet and my mail delivery service. I did find out that my credit rating is excellent, HA! I knew that I don’t owe anybody anything and have paid off every card and loan I ever had on time and to the penny!

Unless something falls into my lap I won’t be buying a house here in Tucson. I’m going to be going home to Mexico. I’ll visit now and then to stay in touch with family and friends and they can visit me-of course only the brave will do that 🙂

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What am I looking for in Mexico?

I have asked myself that question several times. I get different answers every time I ask.

Mexico is not all beauty and marvelous sunsets and Mariachis strumming guitars. Mexico is also graffiti on walls, dog shit on sidewalks, people pushing you in line or just cutting in line. It is also poor people, living in terrible conditions without running water or sewers living hand to mouth. Even with this mental picture in my mind there is something about this country that pulls on one’s imagination or (dare I say it) heart strings.

I don’t know if some people are preprogrammed to feel affinity for other cultures or is it a subtle education process that begins early in life and is reinforced by successive experiences that prepare you for a time when you want to experience a place like Mexico a totally foreign place to people north of the border.

The question still remains, what am I looking for? In a way, a new life, a new home different than anything in the past. I feel I must not tarry and get on with this new life as quickly as possible there is only just so much time. I am hoping that this time, in this place, I get the life I always wanted …. what ever that is going to be. To quote a famous movie “life is like a box of chocolates ya never know what your going to get” this time it is Mexican Chocolate.

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