Update on life and projects

A few weeks ago I wasn’t feeling so good, I had pressure in the chest that would last about fifteen minutes and then go away. I got worried and drove back to the US and went to an ER to get checked out. As a prior heart patient I thought it was the prudent thing to do. The kind folks there checked me out and kept me overnight to be safe. In the AM my Cardiologist checked my tests out and made an appointment the following day for a consultation. Then I was scheduled for a stress test the next day. The results of the stress test didn’t come in until the following day. The results show I have some scaring that may be causing some problem with the arteries contracting therefore I’m another medication to help keep the arteries open. The medication seems to be working.

On another note; I had to have some work done on the house. The roof need to be recoated. Every five years the roof needs a new coat of roof sealant . While the men were here coating the roof I had some garden work done. I had trees planted and other trees and bushes pruned and the garden cleaned up. All day there was work being done on the house and garden. The garden looks neater now and I feel better after having the roof sealed. We don’t get much rain here, but when we do it is a gully washer and a leaky roof causes a lot of expensive damage.

Here are a few photos, nothing dramatic, about the work that was done. The truck was filled up with debris from the garden twice.

I am getting close to having lived full-time for six years in Mexico at the same address. I have never lived that long in one place in my life. I also have never been happier. Mexico isn’t for everyone there are lots of differences between Mexico and the USA some nice some not so nice. I am still learning the language, and finding out things about the culture yet my desire to remain here is as strong as ever. I’m an odd duck,  I am happier living in a country other than the one of my birth in a land who’s culture and language I don’t fully understand than in the country of my birth. I wear the label Expatriate with pride !

As an aside I’m writing this as my housekeeper is cleaning my house and we are chatting back and forth about the house who called what her children are doing and what I should buy in the store for cleaning supplies, all in Spanish! Which gives me a smidgen of satisfaction as I flunked Spanish and French in High School ! So take that you teachers in High School !


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My Guesthouse Project Continues


My guesthouse project is slowly coming together. I employed workers to build a Palapa over the Airstream to protect it from the weather and especially the Sun. The Sun here is very strong and made the inside of the Airstream very hot very quickly. Being an older unit I imagine that there are leaks somewhere and after the men walking on the roof I am certain of it. So a roof over the unit is called for, in keeping with the Mexican theme of my garden I chose a Palapa style. Palapas are made of palm leaves on a frame so thousands of palms had to be bought, trimmed and screwed to a frame built over the Airstream. Here a few photos of this project so far.

first the steel frame had to be built and welded into place sometimes four or five men had to work on it at a time. This took several days



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Then the palms had to be trimmed, cut to length and screwed to the frame which had wooden slats screwed to the steel frame work. This took several more days. Here are more photos of that procedure.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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Then the wall and steps had to be built.

Below is how the Airstream / Guesthouse is looking right now. More work to be done and more photos too.


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Two Projects at once

I wanted to upgrade the AC for the house and get a mini-split put in for the living/dinning  room and also get a mini-split put in the Airstream. I got the two ton unit for the house and the one ton for the RV. I could have gotten an RV AC for the Airstream but they aren’t as efficient as a mini-split. This RV isn’t going anywhere so the mini-split seemed like a good idea even if I almost cried when the installers cut into the skin of the Airstream. I’ll get over it and so will the Airstream. Later on there will be a roof built over the Airstream and a wall around the bottom with a patio and steps made of  brick and lots of plants to break up the austere look of metal and brick.

Still a long long ways to go on this project.

For those not familiar with the Mini Splits here is a link that tell all about it; https://learn.compactappliance.com/mini-splits/

Here are some photos of the work;

control head of the mini split inside the Airstream

Compressor on the tongue

The work still needs to be neatened up this is a work in progress photo.

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Ensenada Shopping Trip Part 2

Besides Rosarito and Ensenada we visited La Bufadora a natural blow hole that is quite the tourist attraction.

Here are a few photos;


The Cove at Bufadora


Julia and Deb


Diane, Julia and Deb


Another view of the cove


Peg, Deb and fishermen at the fish mkt


Bufadora view

I also got to do a little house hunting, I’m interested in renting or maybe buying a place for the summer on the other coast.

A sample of some of the houses for sale:


House No. 1


House No. 1

House No. 2




House No. 3


House 3


House 3

I’m still looking and I have a few leads for rentals. I may visit the area for a few weeks and scout out the area on my own.


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Shopping Trip to Ensenada Baja Mexico Part 1

Myself and three friends took a shopping trip to Ensenada Mexico from San Felipe Mexico. We drove across the peninsula using the cross peninsula highway a winding road through some picturesque mountains that run north to south through the whole peninsula. We stayed at a hotel in the center of town and all four of us were in one room and shared two beds. We were within walking distance of restaurants and shops which made everything we would need convenient.

We shopped everyday till we dropped and enjoyed some fine meals together and lots of laughter! In the end we filled up the cargo section of a pickup truck 😀

Here are some photos of the trip ;


Our Room


Diane and Peggy moving in


Peg and Deb settling in

Our first swap meet was just a few minutes from the hotel, there are swap meets in many neighborhoods on different days and you can get almost anything there.


Need tools ?




We took this photo at a Gas Station of pig going to market 🙂

From then on I was very busy checking out stores and bargaining with vendors to take photos, but here we are at the end of the day at the famous Rosearita Hotel for a little drinky-poo 😀


We went on to The Splash Restaurant for our “Happy Hour and dinner” it was fabulous I had the lobster others had lobster bisque and oysters and we shared an appetizer while watching the waves splash and the Sun Set on the Pacific Ocean! What a day ! It was wonderful; great friends, great food, terrific shopping !

We had so many wonderful meals in so many wonderful restaurants it is hard to list them all.



El Cid Hotel Breakfast


My breakfast


Julia, Diane and Deb at El Cid’s for breakfast


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Today was The Chili Cook-off

This was the fifteenth Chili Cook-off at Club de Pesca San Felipe Baja MX and it was a grand day for it. Wonderful temps a light breeze lots of sunshine and half the town was there. My favorite part was the hot dogs with cheese and chili; I had two 🙂 This is an annual event lots of folks look forward to this date and visit San Felipe to enjoy the event and visit with family and friends!

Here are some photos from today’s Chili Cook-off;

Of course if there is a boat around I have to take note of it

Here are some photos of Camp de Pesca San Felipe some very lovely people live there some full time others as time permits. The homes are so imaginative and cozy.

I had a lovely time and bought a few things like a T-shirt, two tops and an ankle bracelet, I love to shop 🙂


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The Guesthouse Project

Things are getting done; I’ve cleaned out the trailer, had the rugs pulled up and thrown away got the 12 volt lights to work, tested the plumbing and had the debris hauled off. Next is to make a Punch list of things to be done and a shopping list of materials and tools needed then go shopping for them. I have also talked with a contractor about leveling the trailer, hooking up the utilities and building a stem wall, steps and a patio.

Here are some photos of the progress so far;



Rugs are gone


This window I have hit with my head 2X


This is where the utilities are


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I got work started on the Airstream Trailer

Today I get working on the Airstream; taking trash to the dump removing the sofa and wiping down surfaces and clean out cabinets. There was a lot of dirt, dust and rodent droppings to clean up. There was an older generator inside too and I got that out of the rig. I made a couple of trips to the dumpster and still have work to do tomorrow cleaning the bathroom and cabinets. I’m happy to be working on this project. It will take a while to get everything done and I’m sure there will be problems as I go along.

Here are some photos;

Bath is next to be cleaned

The carpet has to go!

Cleaner counter and sink

Where the couch was

The couch cushions and other stuff is out

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She’s home the Airstream that is :-)

The other night my friend brought my airstream trailer to my house and parked it for me.  It was almost dark when the trailer arrived. Since then I have been able to give it a good look-over and there are a lot of things to fix and replace. As I go through the rig I notice more and more things that have to be done. I found that the power cord is missing so for now I can’t use electricity and of course the house battery is long dead. A lot of the plastic handles and latches are disintegrating when touched so they will have to be replace as will a vent cover that is missing. The curtains, of course, are rotten and will have to be replaced. Some of the cabinet doors need repair or replacement and the couch will need to be reupholstered.

So the project begins and it will be interesting to see what happens when work is started and what other things will have to be repaired or replaced. I am happy that the trailer is now in my yard and I can get the renovation underway.

Here are some photos;


Looking aft towards the Head (bathroom)


Looking towards the lounge


the lounge area


front of the trailer


Curbside of the trailer

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Race time in San Felipe

This is the week of the big Baja 250 race and the town is getting full of people to watch and to participate in the race. Lots of folks dashing about in various vehicles in racing gear. The crowds of folks will be downtown for the festivities and ceremonies along with lots of police and support personnel. The big rigs have arrived with more on the way, some folks are flying into our little airport in their planes and helicopters to join in the race. Soon the Police helicopters will be hovering over the town keeping an eye on the crowds. All great fun for many of the folks who live here and enjoy the Races.

I don’t like crowds, I think it is because of my suspicious nature or maybe because I’m getting old, tired and cranky. I visit town for very short periods of time to get errands done and then leave the whole scene to the younger set.

I did go into town today because I wanted to have lunch with my friend Irene at a restaurant on the Malacon (the street in front of the beach). We had a lovely lunch of shrimp tacos with cheese and guacamole with chips and for drinks we had non-alcoholic margaritas. We made  quick trip along the Malacon to see what the vendors had for sale. Then home again as my housekeeper was there hard at work while I was living the life, having lunch with a friend.

17632442_10158562712820061_192973968877103291_oSometimes I feel like I’m living the life of a Grand Dame having breakfast with friends or lunch maybe dinner out or at a friend’s house, a house keeper doing the heavy work cleaning my house. Gardening in the morning after nice walk through the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors. In a way I do “Live The Life”.


Below are photos of Juana my housekeeper she cleans my house and teaches me Spanish too. She is a Doll!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

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