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Thanksgiving Day 2015

Four years ago I arrived in this little town on the coast of the Sea of Cortez San Felipe, Baja, Mexico. I was driving an older RV and had my two pets a Lab named Shelby and a Siamese cat named Pia. We got a space at Kiki’s RV Park just a short walk from the iconic symbol of the town the lighthouse. I enjoyed walking the beach several times a day with my dog and the camaraderie of the RV park so much I decided to look for a place of my own to spend the winters.

I, with the help of Darrel the real estate agent of Baja Sun Realty, found and purchased a lot in Pete’s Camp. First I had the lot cleared and an RV pad put in. Before I knew it I was making plans for a little house and planting trees and bushes. I was lucky to have such kind and thoughtful neighbors that I didn’t want to leave. To make a long story shorter I haven’t left, which is rather odd for me as I am usually a rolling stone never in one place more than two or three years and now here I am four years later.

Not all has been joy, I lost my pets to infirmities of age and miss them terribly. They were my constant companions for many years and my attachment to them was emotional and profound. From time to time I get the urge to move on as the vagabond life still has its pull. Yet, I haven’t left-dare I say I have put down roots like my plants and trees?

Today is a beautiful day sunny and calm there are workers building my neighbors a new house the same ones who built mine. The fountain in my garden is gurgling and splashing, now and then a bird drops by for a little nourishment and flies off. I watch the sunlight patterns slowly move over the veranda and I am content, for now.

This little town, San Felipe Baja, Mexico has a pull that none other has had for me. I enjoy its celebrations and contribute what I can to improve life here. I celebrate the Mexican holidays and the American holidays taking the best of both as my own. I have become an Expatriate and wear the label with pride. I have friends and acquaintances who also are Expatriates and those who are sometimes temporary visitors. There a few things I miss about the “Old Country” and there are things I don’t miss about it. I view the country of my birth with more skeptical eye these days.

Today I will share a meal with neighbors and friends we’ll talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company just like in the USA. Tomorrow I’ll have breakfast with other expats in town and enjoy the Mexican menu there. My life has this regular calm enjoyable pace to it I’ve only dreamed of in my mind before. Sometime I become a tempest in teapot over some issue or other happening in the “Old Country”, but sooner more than later I calm down and gaze at the water and enjoy the peace here. The calms are getting longer and longer.

Here are few photos of San Felipe for your enjoyment;


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End of May update

Been busy as usual with chores; such as getting the truck repaired I had the mechanics replace the heater core and fan, repair the battery hold down device. The air-conditioning just went out so it will go back in the shop tomorrow to get that repaired. I bought a picture made of Mexican tile in Ensenada and I had a man (Jose) cement it on the house for me, photo below.

Tonight my friends and neighbors went out to dinner this evening at the Camp Cantina to wish one of our neighbors (Deb) goodbye as she is headed north for a visit for a while. This is something we do on our street when someone leaves for a while. Photo of the dinner is also below.

If it seems like I eat out a lot, it is true I do. I find that I can afford to eat out more her in Mexico and the food is delicious well prepared and the company is wonderful there never seems to be any lack of conversation. I feel free to go out for breakfast and or lunch and still can go out to dinner a couple of times a week. I know I’m spoiled 🙂


Such a lovely evening we dinned out on the patio !

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CCCCold In San Felipe

The weather here has been cold for us (40’s F), we aren’t used to very cold weather and now and then we get a cold snap in winter and it is uncomfortable. To add to my discomfort my portable gas heater is not working and the new fireplace smokes when the doors and windows are closed. When I open one then the smoke goes up the chimney okay, but that kind of defeats the purpose of keeping the room warm.

I have another portable gas heat a Mister Heater that is supposed to be used for camping. I used it as supplemental heat in my RV. The drawback with it is that it uses 1 lb. canisters and they don’t last long and I don’t have many. I have sent for a hose to attach the Mr. Heater to a 20 lb. tank. It may be here next week. I also bought some gas logs for the fireplace. The reason I’m switching to gas logs is two-fold, the first is they won’t smoke and the second is they won’t stink. The wood I am burning has a bad smell to it as it burns and even the ashes have a bad smell. When I burn this wood in the fire pit there is no problem with the smell because it is outside of the house. When burned inside the house it has an annoying odor and I have to clean up the ashes. It will take a while to get the gas line from my LP tank to the fireplace by then it maybe a lot warmer and I won’t need it. We still could get another cold snap, one just never knows about these things. I got a deal on the gas logs some folks were moving back to the states and wanted to sell theirs and the price was right.

I went to dinner at our Cantina tonight here in Pete’s camp and the Cantina was doing a very good business, seems lots of folks wanted to eat out tonight. Very pleasant company too. I am home now and I have my electric heater buzzing away keeping my feet warm 🙂 I won’t be smiling when I get the electric bill I bet!

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Home in San Felipe/Reflections on my Ensenada trip

I have been back for a while and for a while I had a glow from studying spanish. The trip back was longer than I expected it to be, as I took the northern toll road from Ensenada to Mexicali through the Guadalupe Valley. The Guadalupe valley is the wine and cheese region of the Baja peninsula so lots of vineyards and cheese making. I stopped to get coffee at one place and sample their wine. The wine was excellent and so was the coffee. However the wine was too expensive for my taste. I found out later that the prices are inflated because of the tourist traffic.

Upon arrival at my house I didn’t see a huge difference in how the extension to the house looked before and after the two weeks. I take it that there is a competing project for my contractor’s attention and things will go slower for a while. One good note, I hope, is that the water company came by and fitted a water meter to my pipe to the main line in front of my house. I talked with my contractor and he has plans on how to make the connection with the least labor and fuss. We have been told not to use the water yet as the lines need to be purged and that won’t happen till everyone has a meter and at ten meters being installed per day things are still a long ways off before we get city water. We will get the water, not as soon as we all would like, but we will get it.

On another note; after being home a while and thinking about my experiences in Ensenada I’m less inclined to feel satisfied about the whole event. The living with a Mexican family part was a total disaster; no family and not enough food, not enough hot water or water for showers and sharing the shower with buckets wasn’t pleasing either. The classes themselves did get me using spanish more than my self-study. However it was not an intensive spanish experience that I was expecting I didn’t speak spanish all day. The instruction was in english which was fine for a beginning student, but I’m passed that stage and wanted more, even though I would have struggled a lot more. Value for the money-wise I’m disappointed. The same teachers made a big deal about coming to San Felipe to teach for two weeks and said over and over they wanted me to be in their class. We exchange telephone numbers and they had my email and said several times they would send me an email about the classes in San Felipe. None of that happened I guess I was forgotten, why I don’t know. Maybe I’m too much trouble to deal with or they were just being nice.

I think that my being sick while in Ensenada also colored how I felt about the experience; for several days I was concerned about my health and that took away energy from my studies.

So as far as spanish goes I will struggle on learning what I can where I can until I can communicate in spanish with Mexicans without screwing it all up! I can get my point across in simple situations, but I want a lot more than that I want to understand and be understood at a functional level. I will always make mistakes and mispronounce some words I just don’t want it to impede communication.

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Did anyone miss me?

I have been off line for a few days. I took a trip with my friend and neighbor Diane to Ensenada MX, a very interesting trip. I just got in this evening and I’m tired my back hurts and I need an adult beverage. I will be going to bed early and will write a blog entry telling all about my trip later. Just thought I would let those inquiring minds know I’m back on line and enjoyed my trip to Ensenada and La Bufadora in Punta Banda MX.

English: The port of Ensenada, Baja California...

English: The port of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Español: El puerto ensenadense. Français : Le port d’Ensenada, en Basse-Californie (Mexique). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Vet Visit In San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shelby my old labrador had a visit with one of the local vet’s here in San Felipe this morning. She had a large sore on her back that wasn’t healing and looking rather grim. The vet gave her an exam and said that it was a fatty tumor and it had incapsulated. She got several meds to take and a cream for me to message her wound with and then we go back for a visit on the 15th to see how this looks. If she is getting better no surgery if not she will have the tumor cut out. She is home resting after her ordeal of having this thing cleaned up and the trip to a strange vet’s office. The charge for the office visit and two medications and a shot was $90.00 U.S. payable by check or cash. Not cheap but not as much as I would have paid in the states either.

The lady who was the receptionist at the Vet’s office used to live in Nogales AZ where I worked for many years. I was in Customs and she was in Border Patrol yet our paths never crossed. We had a nice chat.


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What I found today

Arcos de san felipe

Image via Wikipedia

I took a ride with a lady who is camped here today and we went to a health food store and it turns out the lady who owns the store is going to be my neighbor on the same street that the lot I am buying is located. We had a nice chat about living here in San Felipe and she and her husband are happy living at Pete’s Camp. She can special order items for me that I might run out of so that will be nice to have a resource to get those odd items the local stores don’t carry.

The same lady told us about a lab that does medical tests and she has had her tests done there and is pleased with their level of expertise and costs, so I may have my blood work done there in the future. On the way back to camp we stopped at a store that is a thrift store that supports the care of animals in San Felipe. They take in donations and sell them to make money to pay for spay and neuter clinics as well as treatment of stray animals.

The more I get around the more things I find that I like about this little town.

Foggy Morning at the lighthouse

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