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Beach Bonfire

Sunday evening I joined the neighbors for a beach bonfire to celebrate the full moon. This has become a tradition for the neighbors to gather on the full moon to have a fire and share food and beverages on our beach while connecting and sharing our stories. The evening was warm and the fire large thanks to the men folk who had gathered lots of wood to burn. Here are some photos of the occasion. Life is good here 🙂

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Update on plans

Official Seal of the Government of the United ...

Official Seal of the Government of the United Mexican States (Mexico) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the Casita getting closer to being finished with the building phase I thought I would express my plans for the future here. As people who know me, all my plans are written in jello. Anything can be changed for any reason at any time. The plan now is to live here and travel from here to where ever my interests lead me.

I have some goals of learning spanish at a much higher level than I am now and immigrating to Mexico to either obtain a permanent  resident status or citizenship. This goal is ambitious and there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before that can happen and a long period of time (6 plus years).  Anything can happen in that amount of time and usually I don’t plan that far ahead. It will be interesting to see what happens 🙂

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Spanish Language Learning

Spanish language flags

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I think I am driving myself crazy ! I am trying to teach myself Spanish and I am having difficulties. I don’t seem to be able to recall the meaning of certain words easily, actually is very difficult and frustrating. This shouldn’t be a big deal to learn these words or phrases, but to me it is. I wonder if it is a mental block or something ? Maybe I am going about learning these words the wrong way. They are simple words  and phrases; parece que = it seems like, cualquiera de = either, tampoco= neither. How have other students remembered these simple words ? Maybe I am trying to hard ? Ya, right 😦

I wish I had a brain that would be more pliable and remember stuff more easily, it sure would make life a lot easier.

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