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Vet Visit In San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja California

San Felipe, Baja California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shelby my old labrador had a visit with one of the local vet’s here in San Felipe this morning. She had a large sore on her back that wasn’t healing and looking rather grim. The vet gave her an exam and said that it was a fatty tumor and it had incapsulated. She got several meds to take and a cream for me to message her wound with and then we go back for a visit on the 15th to see how this looks. If she is getting better no surgery if not she will have the tumor cut out. She is home resting after her ordeal of having this thing cleaned up and the trip to a strange vet’s office. The charge for the office visit and two medications and a shot was $90.00 U.S. payable by check or cash. Not cheap but not as much as I would have paid in the states either.

The lady who was the receptionist at the Vet’s office used to live in Nogales AZ where I worked for many years. I was in Customs and she was in Border Patrol yet our paths never crossed. We had a nice chat.


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What I found today

Arcos de san felipe

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I took a ride with a lady who is camped here today and we went to a health food store and it turns out the lady who owns the store is going to be my neighbor on the same street that the lot I am buying is located. We had a nice chat about living here in San Felipe and she and her husband are happy living at Pete’s Camp. She can special order items for me that I might run out of so that will be nice to have a resource to get those odd items the local stores don’t carry.

The same lady told us about a lab that does medical tests and she has had her tests done there and is pleased with their level of expertise and costs, so I may have my blood work done there in the future. On the way back to camp we stopped at a store that is a thrift store that supports the care of animals in San Felipe. They take in donations and sell them to make money to pay for spay and neuter clinics as well as treatment of stray animals.

The more I get around the more things I find that I like about this little town.

Foggy Morning at the lighthouse

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